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  • Why a private ride?
    If you have dreamed about experiencing a historic hot air balloon adventure or a romantic float for two then enjoying a private ride with Elevated Ballooning is the way to go. When flying with Elevated Ballooning you can expect the solitude of a personal experience. We fly smaller balloons providing a more intimate relationship with the science of ballooning for you and your fellow passengers. Our baskets can accommodate from a minimum of two passengers and up to a maximum of eight. Call or e-mail us today to reserve your adventure.v ↑top
  • What does your experience include?
    Your adventure begins with a free shuttle from accommodations located in the Jackson, Wilson and Teton Village, Wyoming areas. This will be just as the sun comes up, painting the majestic Teton Range in an array of pinks, blues and purple. We will determine through local area weather what the wind direction is and then begin our journey to the launch site, generally not far from Teton Village, just a short ten minute drive from downtown Jackson. You will then watch the assembly of Elevated Ballooning’s gentle giants. Don’t be afraid to ask to help if you want to have a closer experience, we can certainly “put you to work”. Our rides are approximately one hour long in which we often see wildlife (such as Elk, Moose, Fox and a variety of unique Jackson flying life, the activity of a working ranch and, of course, our stunning views of the Teton mountain range and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Following your flight we celebrate with a traditional champagne toast, a history of ballooning and then graduation. Afterwards we will then return you to your lodgings. A jam-packed sunrise adventure! ↑top
  • What time of year do you fly?
    Weather permitting, we fly seven days a week beginning in early May and going through the end of October, with our peak season being between June and September. ↑top
  • What time of day do you fly? And for how long?
    Ballooning in Jackson Hole is limited to only sunrise adventures, as this is when the winds and thermal activity are at their calmest. The Elevated Ballooning experience starts at sunrise, which coincides with calm winds for flying and the awakening of wildlife. We will pick you up around 6:00am and return you around 9-9:30am. You can expect your Elevated experience to be roughly 3 hours long with a flight of about one hour. ↑top
  • Where do you fly?
    Elevated Ballooning flies over one of Jackson's largest remaining working ranches located just south of the Grand Teton National Park border and at the base of our majestic mountain ranges. Offering unobstructed panoramic views of the Grand Teton, Snake River Valley, The National Elk Refuge, the towns of Jackson and Wilson, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Teton Village and the Cathedral Group of the Teton Mountain Range ↑top
  • Where do you land?
    A balloon flight is dependent on wind speed and direction. Every flight is different and our landing sites vary. A chase crew will follow the balloon while you’re flying and meet at the landing site. After the balloon is loaded into the truck and trailer and we have completed our toast, passengers will board the van and head back to your accommodations. ↑top
  • What should I wear?
    In Jackson, WY the flying season can vary greatly. We always suggest dressing for cold or cool conditions, as it can be as cool as 20 degrees at the start of your flight. However it can warm up to 70 degrees by then end of your flight. We recommend that you wear warm clothing, dress in layers, wear closed-toe outdoor shoes and bring hats and sunglasses. After we confirm your reservation we will make further recommendations. ↑top
  • How High Do we fly?
    Our flying site is on the lee side of the Tetons, which most often sets up light winds with wind directions that are extraordinarily easy to navigate. Our flights vary in altitude based on wind currents, which our pilots observe before every launch. The balloons will fly from ground level to a couple thousand feet above ground level, depending on weather. ↑top
  • Can my whole family fly?
    With Jackson Holes exceptional flying environment, Elevated Ballooning enjoys offering rides to the elderly, young children and handicapped people. We try to accommodate children of all ages, but they must be mature enough to understand what they are undertaking and have the ability to stand for the full flight. Elevated ballooning has found these requirements are usually met at the age of 6. We will try to take younger children but the pilot has a right to make a “go or no go” decision about the child flying. Children who do not fly can accompany the chase crew during the flight. ↑top
  • Why do you want my weight?
    An accurate estimate of weight is extremely important because each balloon is only able to lift a certain amount of weight. If the group is heavier than we've been notified, we may not be able to safely launch with the scheduled number of passengers ↑top
  • Do I have to sign a waiver?
    Yes, each person flying in the balloon will need to sign a waiver and minors (under 18) must have written parental or legal guardian consent to fly in the balloon. ↑top
  • Can we bring a camera?
    Absolutely! We encourage it! ↑top
  • What if I’m afraid of heights?
    You are not alone. Many people who fly with us have qualms about heights. For those that are adventurous enough to take the first step, 99.9% of them will come back to the ground and ask us when they can fly again! The reason is simple: changes in altitude are often undetectable due to the stability of the basket as well as the slow movement of the balloon, offering those with fears of heights a unique opportunity to enjoy the view and feel secure and comfortable. ↑top
  • Can our friends/family watch the launch?
    Yes! But please let us know how many spectators we can expect! ↑top
  • How do you make safe weather decisions?
    With Elevated Ballooning, safety is of the utmost importance. All pilots and balloons are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. The ballooning community in Jackson Hole is proud to uphold a very clean record of zero injuries and if we experience poor flying conditions, we may cancel a launch. Cancellations are often due to high winds that can cause unsafe conditions when the pilot has to land the balloon. Rain, surrounding storm systems, or high winds are typical weather conditions that will prompt us to postpone and reschedule a flight. Elevated Ballooning pilots have access to 'up to the minute' weather and wind forecasting, provided specifically for flight related activities and years of experience flying in our valley. Elevated Ballooning will try to reschedule your flight if there is availability. We do not charge your card in advance so you do not have to worry about a refund. ↑top
  • Can I fly if I’m pregnant?
    Pregnant women can fly with Elevated Ballooning if they are in their first or second trimester. But please tell your pilot of your condition so that she or he is aware of the extra passenger. ↑top